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Patient Testimonials
'My GP said nothing more could be done for my lower back pain, fortunately I heard of Olivia through the grapevine. I was told she had a 'magic touch'…no bone cracking…just gentle adjustments. After 2 sessions I was pain free, 5 years of back pain - gone!!  
I feel 10 years younger thanks to Olivia and would very much like to spread the word and would highly recommend her to anyone.'                                     (Dawn P., Henley-on-Thames)

'Fifteen years ago I suffered from a mild scoliosis, which resulted in a persistent weakness and recurrent pain. I've had numerous spells of physio and chiropractic treatment that gave just short term relief. With Olivia's insightful approach and miracle hands I experienced immediate pain relief. It's amazing how treatment so gentle can be so effective!
Yes, the wear and tear of life requires occasional appointments but in Olivia's expert hands managing that impact is so very much easier!'(Jane D. Henley-on-Thames)

If you would like a free spine check please contact Olivia to arrange an appointment.
Initial consultation (includes first treatment):
      £ 70 (allow 90 minutes)
Follow up treatments:
      £ 45 (30 - 45 minutes)

Please contact Olivia to book an appointment on 07966 436312